“Throughout the concert, conductor David Bloom displayed such energy and passion that it was hard not to get pulled in by his conducting. Watching him conduct is like watching a dance, and everything is perfect, marked by such precision and clarity. Bloom’s leadership at the podium is no doubt a major factor in Contemporaneous’s success.” — I Care If You Listen

“Guest conductor David Bloom brought enthusiastic commitment and exactness to the music he led. The 17 excellent musicians gave each piece played a vivid rendering.” — Shepherd Express, Milwaukee

"These four works ranged in style and structure, but were united not only by their unusual tunings but their spotless rendering on the part of the 21-member ensemble, led by the graceful sensitivity of conductor David Bloom." — I Care If You Listen

“David Bloom conduct[ed] with precise, balletic grace, his hands gathering in each note and sending it aloft.” — Prufrock’s Dilemma

"Under Bloom's skilled hand, the ensemble continued to flourish and maintained a shimmering energy and precision." — I Care If You Listen

“Bloom masterfully articulated the music through wrist and fingertips with the swagger and command of an animation dancer.” — Medusa’s Musings